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By KDC123
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Don’t you just love Autumn? Whats your favorite thing about the fall?
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Last Meals of Inmates on Death Row
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Friendly reminder that this deleted scene in Deathly Hallows Part 2 exists. When Voldemort asks him to choose sides, he goes to the Death Eaters because the Dark Lord has already won and his duties lie as always, with his family. And yet as soon as Harry reveals he’s still alive, Draco knows there’s still a chance that Voldemort will be defeated and he takes it. And throws Harry his wand! The Boy Who Made All the Wrong Choices finally makes the right choice!

It always annoys me when they left out IMPORTANT scenes like this.
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With less than 4,000 left in the wild, tigers are in real danger of extinction. You can make a difference in saving tigers.
Share your love of tigers and spread the word about the threats they face.
Do not purchase products that put tigers at risk and encourage others not to, either.
Support programs like the San Diego Zoo Global Wildlife Conservancy that fund conservation work to help save tigers.
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no-sleep-til-brisbane asked: Hey, how's Gio at the mo?:)


He’s good! Had an easy week so far, Monday we hacked out and for the first time ever he didn’t put a foot wrong! Let me get on him first time, walked out on the buckle, trotted on the flat and up the hills without bucking- so I was very pleased! He had yesterday off because he needs a break after the weekend and today mum is just going to lead him off Molly because I’m working this arvo/ evening! I’m happy to give him an easier week this week because from next week we are ramping the work up ahead of the new season :) time to get serious!!! How are you going!? Been xc jumping again haha? X

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Nicola Philippaerts walking the course of the nations cup of Spruce Meadows 2013.

i can’t

damn boy

I can’t say I would mind

I need him

Be mine? Please?
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A nice reading spot.
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Stars & Cloud ➾ Jayme Gordon
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are we just gonna not talk about soulless black-eyed family emoji


(via infinite-soul-infinite-heart)

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Just <3

My horse would have bitten half my leg off…
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